Inspirogram aims to bring online programming courses to a global community. These programming courses are project based, and we work with mentors that will be presenting said content. This leads Inspirogram to have one of the most hands on and engaging online programming courses on the net. We provide both video and written content to engage with students of all learning styles, and to adapt to every student's needs.

Our Mission

We aim to bring high quality, project-based, integrated coding courses to everyone, regardless of background, prior experience, or learning style.

About Us

We are a group of High School Students who are passionate about coding and teaching others how to <code/>.

Tasha Lera
Team Lead
Course Designer

Tasha Lera is a junior at Gunn High School, located in Palo Alto, California. In her free time, she enjoys art, writing, and math. She has been programming for around 5 or 6 years, and loves web design in particular. Her goal is to bring coding to everyone, to both enrich the coding field, and to show how coding can become a part of everyone's daily life.

John Li
Lead Developer
Course Designer
Course Instructor

John Li (aka Tet) is currently a Junior at Henry M. Gunn High School. He loves playing around with JavaScript and exploring new things! Currently, he has 2 main JavaScript projects going: Dazai.app (a discord bot) and Disadus.app (a student tool).

Julia Kang
Course Designer

Julia Kang is a sophomore at Gunn High School. She has an interest in art and likes trying to teach herself new things, like the piano. She has been learning to code since middle school and is continuing to learn more at school. She hopes to keep learning and to also help others along the way.

William Sahami
Course Designer

William Sahami is a Sophomore at Gunn High School in California. He enjoys the outdoors, graphic design, and programming. He took up programming at an early age, and continued with it as a passion from then on, continually looking for new opportunities to improve. He is passionate about CS education, born out of a desire to bring programming to new people who have not had the opportunities to learn it before.

Ashvin Ranjan
Web Developer
Course Designer

Ashvin (Ash) is currently as Sophomore at Skyline High School in Washington. He likes to program and takes up name projects in his free time. He mostly learns programming from his projects but also takes classes when he can.

Vincent Huai
Course Designer

Vincent Huai is a junior at Henry M. Gunn High School. He has dabbled in competitive programming, hackathons and building websites. In his free time, he likes exploring topics like astronomy, writing and mathematics. His goal is to create an intuitive and effective course for all ages to learn coding.

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